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Services which an IT company provides are generally similar but what matters is quality and maintenance. Software development services are not just about coding and developing, but it even includes a collection of various elements like coding, documenting, bug finding and solving, deploying and then maintenance. We at Sxope Consolidate provide best in class services. We consider each and every module included in software development services to be an important aspect in every manner and we always give the best when it comes to providing below-mentioned services. For a custom software development services company what matters the most is to provide utmost customer satisfaction in all possible ways and till date, Sxope Consolidate never fell short of it.


If you are doing a business and not having your own website then would you say you are certain you will manage in this technology oriented world? If you are making great deals offline, then think what you can accomplish if you bring your business on the web? While setting your business on the web, the quality of item and the trust you make with your customers is the most critical parameter.

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Having live website of your business is not a full stop. You can expand your business by reaching to more people via mobile application development. If you think it is the measure of just hotshot like Walmart, Amazon, Flipkart or it is just wastage of time and cash then it’s your myth.

These days small size or medium size businesses are additionally venturing towards mobile application development to expand the client engagement and upgrade the client experience.

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Suppose there is a telephone directory with thousands of names and contact numbers in it. You are dependent on it to find the details of exactly the same person you are seeking for. But there are chances to have different people with same or similar names in it. How will you arrive at the desired result of finding the details of the required person? It’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in essence without you realizing it.

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If you have finally made the decision of taking your business online, then you are at right place.

With the great experience in Ecommerce industry and our expert team, we are able to handle various aspects related to Ecommerce website. Till today, we have worked for small scale business and medium scale business to make their virtual presence more attractive and impressive.

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Hosting of a website is the task of publishing a website. The web hosting service provider is a business that provides the technology and space required to make your website live on the internet. We, SXOPE CONSOLIDATE, provide one of the best Web Hosting Services in India.

Whenever you visit any websites, you first need to type the domain name of the website and you will be directed to the content of that site via your browser.

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Classified websites means a platform where you get what you want or what you are looking for. If you are looking to get a job, a second hand vehicle or anything, then you need to just post on any classified website and you will get enormous response waiting there.

Classified itself means categorized or organised. These websites are developed so as to provide a sorted functionality.This website gives solutions/answers to what a user actually asks for.

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ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning. As the name suggest, ERP systems are used for operation planning, for optimizing business process, supply chain, financials, human resource and warehouse management. ERP software will integrate all the data and processes of an organization in a single system.

Why ERP Software?

A company would have many software applications for various purposes, which might not talk with each other effectively.

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ERP development
Perch Web Development


PERCH is mainly known as a platform where a bird roosts. In the same way, Perch CMS Development is a platform where websites are created in a unique way. Perch CMS Development is very flexible from other platforms in terms of how you build your pages. One of the greatest advantages of Perch CMS Development has its own layouts, whereas for other platforms it is useful to have common page elements like headers, footers, and sidebars that don’t change between pages. Perch CMS is something which helps your website to have great content with high site speed.

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