Social networking sites have become the most integral part of our day to day life. Facebook is one of the widely used social networking platforms. It provides various cool functionalities, like video chats, status update, page and event creation, sharing of media files, searching the friend list and many more.

With the popularity of this social media network, Facebook clone is also in high demand. It is nothing but a social networking script using which you can make your website identical to Facebook. Sounds cool? Then read ahead…

The Facebook clone script is created using jQuery, PHP and MySQL. SXOPE COSOLIDATE offers you this coolest service at very least charges and best quality. We can broadly customize your site using Facebook clone.

Features of Facebook clone:

    • Post Updating
    • Listing with Name, Email and Birth date of the user.
    • User can include their schooling information like where they studied with the academic year.
    • User can include different organizations with whom they have done various assignments, they can also include the beginning year and ending year or present tag.
    • Contact data, address, city, nation, email can be kept private, visible to friends or open.
    • Status can be posted with or without picture.
    • Visibilities can be set for Posts – open, just me or friends.
    • User can like status and posts of others, share it or make a comment on it.
    • User can also tag friends on different posts.
    • Accept or delete request.
    • User can report misuse.
    • User can share pictures.
    • Set profile picture.
    • Make Albums, and set its visibility.
    • Share pictures in collections.
    • User can permit/refuse their friends to post on timeline.
    • Notifies to the user when anybody tags the user.
    • Notifies when anybody posts on user’s interest of events.
    • Notifies when anybody likes on user’s status.
    • Notifies when anybody likes user’s comments or posts.



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