Classified websites means a platform where you get what you want or what you are looking for. If you are looking to get a job, a second hand vehicle or anything, then you need to just post on any classified website and you will get enormous response waiting there.

Classified itself means categorized or organised. These websites are developed so as to provide a sorted functionality.This website gives solutions/answers to what a user actually asks for.

It is truly viable than the ad posting sites, because the advertisements are for general purpose whereas classified sites are for business or individual reason too. Go to the right places and you will get what you are looking for.

How to get revenue from Classified Websites?

There can be many ways to earn from classified websites but let’s have a look to some of those ways.


Ads are the single significant source of earning money via classified sites. You can also make money by offering premium advertisements on your classified sites as there will be huge mass of purchasers and sellers going to visit your site.

Online Research:

You can earn by helping companies to get the customer’s view via your classified site. Affiliate marketing is also a great option for earning.

Selling Leads:

You can sell the leads generated in classified website to third party companies for marketing directly to users. Take example of a person searching for good laptop, this can be good lead for the companies selling laptops.

Why Classified Websites are guaranteed to succeed?

There can be many reasons for the higher chances of success with classified website model.
Here are the few listed down

  • Great platform to display your product to the huge mass of people who require it.
  • Better for SEO, as it will drive huge traffic to your website and content will be updated frequently.
  • The client, who is looking for any item, gets more decisions with compatibility of his budget.

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